Date and time: 2 May 2012, 2000 hrs
Written by: Don Stewart, Crew 118, Engineer


Annalea Beattie, Don Stewart, Ali Harley


Waypoint 396 OLYMON (Olympus Mons) 12 S 518566/ NAD 4251536


This was a walking EVA. 


Reconnaissance of Hab. plain drainage patterns.

Total time elapsed:

2 hours


Crew departed Hab and traversed to the base of Olympus Mons where Don climbed a medium-sized Morrison strata mound to view local drainage patterns.

Ali returned to the Hab after about 30 mins. Annalea and Don then traversed in a Northerly direction around the base of Olympus Mons before turning East and moving across HAB plain in the the direction of the Chandor Chasma escarpment and followed the ridge to the cliffs overlooking the dry watercourse which, it appears, drains all or much of HAB plain.   They then walked the length of the water course back to HAB plain and towards the HAB.  EVA finished 2 hours later.

Major findings:

It appears that Chandos Chasma watercourse is the major drainage channel for HAB plain and at times would carry significant amounts of water.


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