Welcome to the KiwiSpace Foundation.
We are committed to helping ignite a vibrant New Zealand space industry and education framework.

The foundation was founded in April 2010, by a group of enthusiastic rocketeers and space advocates - and is currently in its startup and discovery phase.

This website explains what we hope to do, and to highlight the plethora of space-related activities already in existence in NZ. Sections of this site are still under development as we commence our public outreach, so please bear with us - and help spread the word to anyone who has an interested in spaceflight.


We need your help!

Ultimately the success of KiwiSpace comes down to the contribution of members - so we need your help. Most of all during this discovery phase - we want to find out what's going on, that we don't know about! The initial committee quickly discovered that there was a lot more going on around New Zealand than we realised - but we're certain there are a lot more Kiwis out there working deep-in or on the fringe of space enterprise.

Do you know of any Kiwis (in NZ or abroad, dead or alive) who:

  • Works for an aerospace company?
  • Are currently working on space-related research, projects or products?
  • Is damn keen to help kickstart the NZ Space Race, and would like to join the KiwiSpace team?
  • Is involved (or is keen to be involved) with Space education - at any level?

In addition to these specific areas we're trying to research, who we're ultimately after is you – a space enthusiast who took the time to take a look at this site. If the activities and vision of the KiwiSpace is for you, then register your interest!. We're still in the early stages of getting going, but have a committee that is meeting regularly to discuss the direction and next steps - and hope to have some public displays, conferences or meetings in the not too distant future.

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