Board of Directors

Mark Mackay
Founder & Board Chair

In 1997, Mark co-founded Orcon Internet, working as CIO/CTO and building it into New Zealand's 4th-largest telecommunications service provider. The company was sold to Kordia in 2007 for $24 million, and he continued to work for Orcon within the technology division until late 2010.

He has always had a fascination with space since childhood, but got re-engaged with the landing of the Mars Rovers in January 2004 - where he spent weeks glued to his computer monitor watching the landings and first exploration manoeuvres in real-time on NASA TV.

The Ansari X-Prize competition win by Spaceship One later that year, demonstrated the future potential of 'space for the rest of us', and has kept his interest alive ever since. He joined the NZ Spaceflight Association executive in 2008, with a goal of launching New Zealand's first student satellite programme. The timing wasn't right, but through this organisation he met a number of enthusiastic people who would ultimately become the founding members of the KiwiSpace Foundation.

Mark stepped down from Orcon in 2010, in-part to spend time with his new daughter, but also to provide more time to commit to KiwiSpace. He is committed to seeing New Zealand become an active, engaged member of the international space community, and is passionate about seeing students have tangible opportunities to explore and interact with space and space technologies.

Julie Rowe
Founding Board Member

In addition to currently undertaking the CFO position of KiwiSpace, Julie is also engaged within the executive office of the Space Generation Advisory Council in Support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications as the organisation’s Treasurer and New Zealand representative. Previously, she has taken part in SGAC's delegation at the Legal Subcommittee meetings of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. 

With specific interests in space policy, education and advocacy, Julie brings to KiwiSpace optimism and dedication with the desire to help intensify the general New Zealand community’s awareness of the vast socioeconomic benefits of space science and its related applications. 

In conjunction with her space interests, Julie has previously been engaged in various operations management and financial management capacities in the NZ/US Film & TV Industry and more recently within the Software Development Industry.

William Leizerowicz
Founding Board Member

William believes that it is essential to nurture young people to acquire new insights and develop their own vision for space exporation and help them recognize how space exporation has directly contributed to the enrichment and prosperity of our society. He also believes that New Zealand has much to contribute towards the international space community and bring with him the desire to see New Zealand be more involved in this multi-billion dollar industry.

He has participated internationally in various space meetings and conferences including LPSC, NASA Centenial Challenge, JAXA/JSF Satellite Competition, X-Prize in cities around the world including Flagstaff, Houston, London, Las Cruses, Maryland, Palo Alto, Ramnicu Valcea, Tokyo, Toronto, Tsukuba, Tucson and Yokohama.

Billy Kapoor
Founding Board Member

In early 2004, Billy formed Advanced New Zealand Technologies to compete in the Ansari X-Prize. However, the prize was soon won by Tier One and Billy returned to developing television systems.

In January 2010, he entered the N-Prize competition with his start-up Te Anahera Tere. This project is aimed at eventually providing New Zealand and the world with responsive, inexpensive access to space for small payloads.

Billy joined the KiwiSpace Foundation as an expression of his vision to see New Zealand build an economically strong space sector that competes globally.

Haritina Mogosanu
Board Member

Haritina is a science communicator and a starry teller who loves sharing her curiosity and passion about the exploration of space. She has a scientific background in biological science and is following her passion for promoting science in all aspects, stretching from Earth to the Sky. Member of the astronomy outreach team for the Mars Society and Manager of the educational relations for the World Space Week Association she blends all these with business and information management knowledge.

Haritina was awarded the “International Year of Astronomy 2009 Certificate of appreciation” by the International Astronomical Union in recognition of the commitment and outstanding contribution to the success of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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