Crew123Day08CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 02 February 2013
Written by: David Willson, Crew 123, Commander

Crew Physical Status:


Curiosity at MDRS


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Time Departed/Returned from EVA:

Returning from the EVA


Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:
EVA Data/Interpretations:

Examining mudstone, an analog to a Gale crater mudstone


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:

Requesting EVA for 2 hours to location USHG  12SWH1824249531 (UTM 12S 518242mE 4249531mN) 

Support Requested:


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Leaders look back at the Columbia tragedy — and look ahead to Mars (blog)
President Barack Obama and NASA's leaders paid a 10th-anniversary tribute to the space shuttle Columbia's fallen astronauts on Friday — and pledged that the lessons learned would be applied to future space odysseys, including eventual trips to Mars.
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Columbia's Astronauts, Remembered on Mars
The Atlantic
The astronauts' namesakes are situated within the Red Planet's Gusev crater, about two miles away from where the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit landed in 2004. And they were, for the rover and its earthly audience, the most striking feature on the ...
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Mars, Saturn and Star Shine Over India (Photo)
Mars, Saturn and the star Spica shine brightly over towering Sikh house of worship Gurdwara Bangla Sahib—originally the historic home of astronomer Raja Jai Singh located in downtown Delhi, India. Astrophotographer Ajay Talwar of the space photography ...
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Trip to Mars lures applicants
A project that includes a one-way trip to Mars has attracted at least 450 Chinese applicants who say they'll agree not to return to Earth if selected. Mars One, a Dutch nonprofit organization, said on its website that it plans to take humans to Mars in ...
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Obama Kills Next Mars Rover, Russia to Take It Over
FrontPage Magazine
Apparently the last Mars mission determined once and for all that there are no Muslims on Marsmaking further visits there unnecessary. Also deeply disappointing to Obama was that despite its name of the”Red Planet”, what looked like a giant image of ...
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The Mars One Project — Apply Now
Rocky Mountain Collegian
Quinn Scahill 166x250 The Mars One Project Apply Now This May I am set to graduate, and my future afterwards is shrouded in a post-collegiate smog. I do not have any set plans and it is extremely unlikely that I will find a job right out of school. But ...
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