GreenHouse Report: 02/02/2013
Melanie Newfield

 Chuck Killin arrived with the following garden supplies:
•       potting mix
•       seed starting mix
•       vermiculite
•       plant food
•       growing trays with a high lid

I transferred the high lids to some of the trays which had improvised lids, like the snowpeas.

I planted up one of the seedling trays with seed starting mix and a range of seeds, and Emma took detailed photographs of everything that I did. I can make these photos available to future crews so that if there aren’t people familiar with growing seeds, they will have some help. If I have time, I will write up some instructions as well.

Seeds planted:
•       zucchini
•       nasturtium
•       microgreen mild mix
•       broccoli
•       Russian mix
•       upland cress
•       Impatiens
•       viola
•       cherry tomato
•       full-sized tomato
•       basil

I transplanted most of the cuttings to vermiculite.

I watered everything that seemed to be dry. I’ve improved the water situation somewhat by scrounging an empty gallon water bottle and using that to transport water to the greenhab. Also, we have a bucket that we use when we are starting the shower and the water is running cold. We take the bucket out to the hab once a day and keep that in the large water container in the greenhab.


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