GreenHouse Report: 02/03/2013
Melanie Newfield

 I put some sprouts to soak this morning. There is now no discernible smell in the containers after I scrubbed them out and soaked in a bleach solution (as per the manufacturer's instructions). We might yet have sprouts with dinner tomorrow or the next day..

My germination experiment is going well. There is seed germination visible in all replicates of both the Italian mix and the broccoli pots in the hab. The seeds on the heat pad are more advanced for both seed types, with the unheated greenhab seeds and the hab seeds about equal. The Italian mix is further ahead in all the pairs.

The Persian and curly cress in 3x3 pots are looking pretty static, although the upland cress is growing a little. I’m going to feed them and move some to the heat pad to see if I can get more growth.

Among Chuck’s supplies was some Miracle-gro soluble plant food. It has a different nutrient makeup to the liquid Miracle-gro. I’m working out which to use for which plants based on a bit of research and am hoping to develop some guidelines on which one to use for which plants and at what concentration.


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