Experimental procedures

thanks to Elf Eldridge - Mission Control Wellington for putting these together


3:00 am NZST MCC WGTN connects via iphone/mumble as “MDRS” for mission
3:02 am NZST Locale description
3:06 am NZST Experiment description started
3:07 am NZST CLIFFBOT observed through AoudaS Helmet Camera
3:08 am NZST Audio Comms lost with AoudaS
3:09 am NZST Audio comms restored
3:09 am NZST moving to sample site and lowering receiving station from obstacle camera
3:10 am NZST GPS co-ordinates 31deg North 22.532 4deg West 3.37
3:11 am NZST Lowering cliffbot
3:11 am NZST Cliff face description - 5m above ground. Steep rubble slope.
3:11 am NZST Cliff slops observed through AoudaS Hemet Camera
3:12 am NZST Science camera on and recording
3:13 am NZST CLIFFBOT descends ()
3:13 am NZST MDRS confirms step 3 from PROCS_2012.307 document
3:14 am NZST no swinging and clear progression reported from AoudaS
3:14 am NZST passed 5 m mark
3:15 am NZST recording asymmetry of rubble pile
3:16 am NZST rope indicator 25 meters reached
3:16 am NZST reached end of rope at 36 m
3:16 am NZST attempted to ID end of rope from camera
3:17 am NZST requested possible video recording from our end
3:18 am NZST request denied due to technical limitations - will be attempted during following experiments (screencapture taken)

3:19 am NZST MDRS reports static image from helmet camera
3:19 am NZST request for repeated instruction from suit
3:19 am NZST replied that camera re-fresh is every 10 seconds
3:20 am NZST cannot update re-fresh rate currently due to lack of comms with base (destroys experiment authenticity)
3:20 am NZST continues rolling out cliffbot
3:21 am NZST open dinner invitation for mars
3:22 am NZST CLIFFBOT return with no obvious damage
3:22 am NZST science camera switched off
3:22 am NZST cable recoiled
3:23 am NZST CLIFFBOT visible again on AoudaS Helmet camera
3:23 am NZST request for short break
3:24 am NZST request confirmed from MDRS
3:34 am NZST knot reported in rope
3:25 am NZST confirmed moved to new experiment location after break
3:25 am NZST reported 'mess' in retrieved equipment (screen cap taken) 
3:26 am NZST MDRS updated status of experiment
3:27 am NZST go for another 30 mins after Antipodes
3:27 am NZST until 1500hrs UTC
3:28 am NZST "after second experiment go ahead for second experiment until 1500 UTC"
3:28 am NZST confirmed that 4th run will be competed
3:28 am NZST break commenced
3:30 am NZST connection to mumble server failed for both MCC WLG:
[3:29 AM] Server connection failed: Operation timed out.
[3:30 AM] Reconnecting.
3:31 am NZST Attempted ping Polares antipodes server:
Elfs-MacBook-Pro:~ kaiwhata$ ping lunarsat.uibk.ac.at
PING lunarsat.uibk.ac.at ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
Request timeout for icmp_seq 3
Request timeout for icmp_seq 4
Request timeout for icmp_seq 5
Request timeout for icmp_seq 6
Request timeout for icmp_seq 7
Request timeout for icmp_seq 8
Request timeout for icmp_seq 9
--- lunarsat.uibk.ac.at ping statistics ---
11 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packet loss
3:38 am NZST Note that AoudaS camera appears to have become static as well
3:40 am NZST POwer outage from Innsbrook reported via Skype to MCC WLG

[7/02/13 3:38:30 AM] Contacts OEWF: power outage in innsbruck, MSC Innsbruck is down

3:41 am NZST Requested via Skype to advise status of experiment
3:42 am NZST OEWF replies via Skype using local wireless
 [7/02/13 3:41:41 AM] Contacts OEWF: yes, using hotspot from mobile on laptop... ;)
3:43 am NZST OEWF advises that Antipodes is now complete for this experiment

[7/02/13 3:42:50 AM] Haritina Mogosanu: OEWF can you please move to the chat with Elf window?

[7/02/13 3:43:22 AM] Contacts OEWF: negative, we have only 15min left on that experiment, suit will go back to base, we will end this Antipodes now, thank you, this was a great test, we also had some fun, directing this ;) - btw there is a really large scale power outage in Innsbruck, probably for several hours, streetlights are out, shops are dark...

[7/02/13 3:43:50 AM] Haritina Mogosanu: that's fine. Next year we should switch to KiwiSpace mumble server

3:43 am NZST Antipodes 3 2013 concludes
3:51 am NZST http://mission.oewf.org/telemetry/ all video feeds now blank

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