Antipodes 3 Gmail chat log: MDRS and Mission Control Wellington - NZST

11:30 PM Haritina: done

 Elf: great - so you're quitting skype and re-starting mumble?

11:31 PM Haritina: yes

11:32 PM opened mumble 123

 Elf: also they asked me to advise you that the suit tester has mobility restrictions cause their CO2 sensor is broken

11:33 PM just let me know when you're logged into mumbl;e

 Haritina: i cannot log into mumble

11:34 PM is that jpl thing that she sent earlier?

 Elf: nope

  it's the same server as always

 Haritina: ok


  i can hear them


11:35 PM port 5001

 Haritina: now I cannot find the instructions

  do we move to on demand?

  oh my god i can hear them

 Elf: ok now drag and drop your comms to the 'on demand channel' and i'll check our audio is all good

 Haritina: i am here

11:36 PM it says mcc wellington moved to experimetns

 Elf: yup stay where you are for aa moment

 Haritina: ok

 Elf: im trying to get their comms person to join us

 Haritina: ok

11:37 PM i need the instructions too

  where are they

11:38 PM i could hear you could you?

  hear me?

 Elf: nope i could hear you


 Haritina: hmm

 Elf: i just sent you the latest procedures

  go to configure

 Haritina: gmail?

11:39 PM Elf: and go through the audio wizard'

  no mumble

  and yes i emailed them to gmail

 Haritina: yep am doing it now

11:40 PM i am trying now

  should be done

11:41 PM can you not hear me?

 Elf: nope

 Haritina: darn

11:42 PM ok

  they were

11:43 PM it says that the mumble overlay expired

  yes i can

11:45 PM Elf: got you!

 Haritina: i cannot hear you


  I cannot hear you

11:46 PM are you saying anyting

11:48 PM Elf: go here

 Haritina: where

 Elf: and sign in with username oewf

11:49 PM and password mars2012

8 minutes

11:57 PM Haritina: there

11:59 PM Elf: cause you dont have a headset - you migth want to mute your mic (thre's a microphone icon at the top of the mumble screen)

 Haritina: i have a headset

 Elf: once we get instructions

  oh ok!

 Haritina: can you hear me?

  or background noise?

 Elf: we can hear eveything

12:00 AM Haritina: opening vlc

12:03 AM can you hear me now

 Elf: nope

  try pushing the red button

12:04 AM oops sorry no that's not right

12:05 AM Haritina: i cannot open the video stream

12:06 AM I cannot authenticate

 Elf: you're using the link


 Haritina: and


  in the vlc

 Elf: im recieveing it clearly

 Haritina: i am not

  since they told me to switch to push to talk

12:08 AM Elf: ok you have to set up a shortcut

  so to settings in mumble

  then down the side to shortshuts tab

 Haritina: preferences



  and then

 Elf: yup

12:09 AM then add a push to talk and choose a button to hold or push whilst you talk

  (i chose spacebar)

 Haritina: an hten

 Elf: click ok

  unmuite yourself

12:10 AM unmute

  and let me hear your lovely voice!

  you have to hold it down

 Haritina: the spacebar

 Elf: is that what you picked


 Haritina: yes

12:11 AM do i just press it now?

 Elf: then hold it down and say "kiwisonMars for MCC wellington'

 Haritina: and say something?

 Elf: yup


 Haritina: yes!!

 Elf: now we need that video feed

 Haritina: now the video

12:12 AM Elf: just try repeating what you did before

  (sometimes it works, sometimes not)

 Haritina: ha

  repeating what

  it says http autentication

  please enter a valid login name and a password

 Elf: ??

  ok open vlc


12:13 AM Haritina: done

 Elf: then go to 'media'

  drop down menu

  select 'open network stream;'

 Haritina: were is media

 Elf: top left

 Haritina: yep

  and then network

 Elf: just under the traffic cone icon

12:14 AM Haritina:

 Elf: nope

 Haritina: i have a mac it's different

 Elf: \this one

 Haritina: just a bit

  at last

 Elf: working?

 Haritina: omg

  do I need to say something?

 Elf: you see the grid?


12:15 AM Haritina: yes


 Elf: 'KiwisonMars for COntact Manager'

  then when she answers tell her that the video is working

 Haritina: awesome

12:16 AM what do i do

 Elf: start from 6.1

  just check where the sampling spots are first

12:18 AM Haritina: man i don't understand what i need to do

 Elf: he has the sample locations already :)

 Haritina: are you there?


 Elf: just ask which step he's up to

12:19 AM Haritina: did you hear that?

 Elf: i think it's step 6.8


 Haritina: who does she want to talk to

 Elf: not us


  dont worry about it

 Haritina: ok

  if they ask anything

  please write here what i need to say

 Elf: we're crossing over with JPL at the moment so there'a a lot of chatter

 Haritina: lol

12:20 AM Elf: ok i will do

 Haritina: i have not seen this before :)

  its great we could connect

  outside is overcast

 Elf: it's ok you're doing much better than me

  it's freezing here

 Haritina: lol

  my mum told me

 Elf: i'm going to sleep at work cause i dont want to walk home in the cold

 Haritina: yes

12:21 AM here is overcooking

  37 degrees

 Elf: (so jealous)

  i cant believe this expt is working!

 Haritina: same here

  me neither

 Elf: it's been 3 tries and 3 fails before!

  so exciting!

  we're doing it!

 Haritina: what do you mean


12:22 AM yay

  sort of i lost video

  can you still see it?

 Elf: yup

  click the play button in vlc

 Haritina: came back

 Elf: you will get iit back

 Haritina: done htat

12:23 AM oh my god i can see the suit

12:25 AM Elf: hrmm i wonder when we're going to take control

 Haritina: don't know

 Elf: when you are rather

 Haritina: are we?

 Elf: yup

12:26 AM Haritina: man now what do i say?

  what is the step

12:27 AM Elf: ok tell him to clean the hammer

  (step 6.2

12:28 AM Haritina: do i do the right thing?

  oh my god

 Elf: ask him to advise you when he is finished with sample collection


12:29 AM Haritina: now?

 Elf: when he has finished with the current one

 Haritina: so ill wait

  poor thing he has to take all those samples

12:30 AM Elf: ok go ahead hari

 Haritina: ok

  which step am I now?

12:31 AM Elf: ask him to confirm that he has 5 samples from the ice

 Haritina: ok

12:32 AM am i doing the right thing?

 Elf: E3

 Haritina: how do you know?

12:33 AM man is this what am i supposed to say?

  can you hear me?

 Elf: now we're just taking two more samples here

  so just runn through the procedure with him twice


  he gets to pick the sampling location spot


12:34 AM Haritina: i am to step 6.3

 Elf: ok now go to 6.4


12:35 AM ask him to try and take closer to 300 grams

 Haritina: ha ha ha

12:36 AM Elf: he can pick the location

12:37 AM Haritina: why 300

 Elf: that what we were asked to do

 Haritina: ha?

  in the instructions says 250

12:38 AM Elf: dont worry 250 will be fine im sure

  this is sample 4 by the way from E3

 Haritina: how do you know all these?

 Elf: i'm mission control

  it's my job

12:40 AM great now we just do one more sample

 Haritina: ha ha this is awesome


12:41 AM we're done

 Elf: advise the suit tester to move back to E3

  (the polluted spot)

12:42 AM clean the hammer

  etc etc

  ask him to confirm of both hammer and chisel are clean

 Haritina: just did

12:43 AM Elf: and again he gets to pick the location

  this is sample #5

  maybe ask for 300 grams this time

12:45 AM Haritina: what was that?

 Elf: tell him good job at the end :)

12:47 AM he's done it all Harti - we're done

  now hand back over to cap com

 Haritina: oh very good

  are we done?

12:48 AM how awesome

 Elf: say handing back to ops

 Haritina: did you take many screen shots

 Elf: then leave the channel

  nope i dident!


12:49 AM Haritina: they did not say anything

  i just left

  how cool


12:50 AM Elf: you can chat to me in the on-demand channel if you like

12:51 AM Haritina: Skype?

 Elf: hari are you hearing this??

 Haritina: yes

  just the applauses

 Elf: i said a huge thanks from us

12:52 AM Haritina: skype

  i heard you

 Elf: and they said thanks an congratulations

 Haritina: very good

  did you hear me talking

  you did not hear me?

 Elf: nope we couldnt hear you!

 Haritina: oh

  i was saying as well


  lol ispoke over you

  that was just awesome

  thanks Elf

  i could not have done it without you

 Elf: :) you did so well Hari!

  that's what mission control is

 Haritina: oh i had no idea what i was doing

 Elf: :p

12:53 AM and i couldnt have done it without you

 Haritina: lol


  we're awesome

  i'm going to ames next week

 Elf: wicked


 Haritina: yep

 Elf: i have PLANS for an extension on this when you get back to aotearoa

12:54 AM Haritina: aweseom

  i was also thinking


  here the suits are crap

  here at mdrds

  and if we could get someone to do some awesome suits

  that people would love to wear

  it would change heaps here

  and of course now we have to go to antarctica

12:55 AM why do we go there? remind me please

 Elf: ok several reasons

  one is that it's similar to the martian polar environment in terms of temp extremes

12:56 AM and dryness

  but now we know what procedures are like we can design and run experiments right here in NZ

  up in the desert road

 Haritina: yas

 Elf: we can test sampling techniques, rovers, vehicles, autonomous drone

 Haritina: and will bring the other suit

 Elf: the LOT

 Haritina: jon will bring it


 Elf: and i can get up crouwfundign support for it all

 Haritina: the lot man

12:57 AM can't wait

  hey that would be awesome

  i want to be part of it

 Elf: then we can sequence the DNA of everythihg we fine and analyse it computationally on a cluster

 Haritina: how was the nerdnite?

 Elf: of course Hari - you will be the commander

 Haritina: lol i love that dna stuff


  i like that

  i lie in my commander bed now

 Elf: i'll control ops

 Haritina: i did not even get off the bed

12:58 AM btw where are you sleeping ? have you got sleeping bag etc?

 Elf: :)

  well the weather has improved

  so i think i might walk home now

 Haritina: that is great to hear here is overcast

  i will stay put today

12:59 AM did you see the pics of the observatory?

  at night? cannot remember if i sent them to you

 Elf: yup

  they're beautiful!

1:00 AM Haritina: great

  elf thank you so much

  will be in contact soon go home and have a sleep

  i am trying to go back to bed or something not sure yet

  it's 7 am here

1:01 AM Elf: go to sleep

  you will need it

 Haritina: yes



1:02 AM i should write a blog about this shouldn't i


 Elf: yup

 Haritina: for Mars

 Elf: i just tweeted about it

 Haritina: what shall i call it

  what did you say

1:03 AM Elf: just had our first fully sucessful Antipodes experiment with @oewf and @kiwispace! On to Mars! Wahoo! :) #ontopoftheworld @Wojithe3rd

 Haritina: retweeted

 Elf: whoo!

1:04 AM ok it's 1am and i have an important meeting in .....7 hours

  so i'm going to walk home now

 Haritina: thank you so much elf


  that was awesome

 Elf: thanks for everything Hari

 Haritina: like truly awesome


 Elf: Kiwispace rocks!

 Haritina: thank you

  kiwispace rocks

1:05 AM Elf: ciao!


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