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Join us in an out-of-this-world experiment as we explore the effect of microgravity on plants. This is your chance to grow seeds in concert with astronauts aboard the International Space Station!



The FINAL OBSERVATION video from the International Space Station is now available.

How do your seeds compare?

titleWe will publish our latest announcements here. You can also follow us on Twitter at hashtag #kiwispaceseed

Have you planted your seed yet?

There is still time to request more seed!

Don't forget to take pictures of your experiments and send them here to us!!


Late Aug/Sep astronauts aboard the International Space Station will be undertaking a plant-growth experiment with Azuki Bean seeds. The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) has sent us some seeds from the exact same batch as those being flown into space, to give you a chance to perform your own experiments here on Earth. 

Grow your own 'space seeds' and compare the differences. 

  • How do seeds grow in space?
  • How does gravity affect seeds grown on Earth?
Follow along as the astronauts tend to the seeds on the ISS - and spot the differences and similarities with your own seeds' growth. 


General InformationTimeline
Children Display

Jul 2013:

  • Seeds available for ordering!

Aug 2013:

  • Seeds arrived safely at the ISS in ATV4
    Launched: 4 Aug 

Late-Aug/Sep 2013:

  • School Experiments
  • In-Space Experiment



The primary purpose of this project is to promote the understanding of space biology.

You will learn how the sprouts of Azuki bean, Vigna angularis, grow in microgravity environment.

Your mission is to nurture your own seedlings on the ground and observe their shape, then compare with the downlinked image of space grown bean sprout to find out how plants respond to gravity.


This program has been made possible thanks to JAXA and Kibo-ABC.

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Mission Updates

23 August: First experiments at the Ministry for Primary Industries by the Risk Analysis Team are successful! We have one seedling! Look towards the right hand side of the container!

12 August: The transfer vehicle was captured by the astronauts on the ISS

2 August: The transfer vehicle H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 4 with KOUNOTORI4 that will take the seed to ISS is scheduled to launch on 4 August at 4:48:46 a.m., 2013, Japan time. Click here for more details.

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July 29: JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata talks about the upcoming Space Seed mission.


July 5: Students from the from Osaka City University pretreated and planted the seeds in rockwool blocks, at the Tsukuba Space Center in Japan. JAXA engineers then assembled the components into the final flight configuration. Click here for more details.

The kit will be transferred to Tanegashima Space Center on July 15th
and be turned over to the HTV launch team after final inspection.