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{span:style=font-size:22pt; font-weight:bold; line-height: 26pt;}Join us as KiwiSpace embarks on a unique journey
to explore a surreal world during a simulated mission to Mars.{span}

{span:style=font-size:13pt; line-height: 20pt; margin-top: 5px; }Six crew-members will be heading deep into the Utah desert in April/May 2012,
to undertake a 2-week mission of exploration and research at the *[Mars Desert Research Station]*.
*Follow them* as they train and undertake this exciting project.{span}


{warning:title=Mission Support Now Live}Follow the crew through live webcams, mission logs, interactive maps, science updates, and more!

Click here to access *[Mission Support Website|MDRSMS:]*{warning}

{panel}Mission Dates: *22 April - 6 May 2012 NZST{*}{panel}

h2. Watch the Mission Trailer

{html}<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>{html}

h2. Mission Objectives

* Deliver an engaging science learning experience;
* Establish a space science educator network;
* Develop and refine methods for effective tele-education and outreach;
* Educate the public about the importance of space science missions;
* Foster international science and education connections and generate future opportunities for New Zealand partnerships.

The KiwiMars 2012 Project has two major components

h3. {color:#003366}{*}KiwiMars Expedition{*}{color}

A crew of six will live and work at the Mars Desert Research Station for a period of two weeks, from *22 April to 6 May 2012 (NZST)*. They will strictly follow the site protocols which help emulate the working and living conditions of a real Mars-base, as they perform science, research and exploration tasks; and communicate with educators and students 'back on Earth' !KiwiMars2012.png|width=300!

h3. *KiwiMars Outreach*

Commencing ahead of the expedition will be an education and outreach programme.&nbsp;

This will include:
* Online and printed material for students and the public
* Engagement with schools, to encourage relevant in-classroom science projects during the expedition;
* Post expedition activities, including school visits, classroom presentations, development of learning resources, and distribution of the final science and expedition reports.

h3. Mission Control

[Carter Observatory Wellington|] is the headquarters of our Mission Control for the duration of the expedition. Watch this space to see how you can get involved in the outreach and research of the KiwiMars 2012 Expedition and interact life with the crew from location.

Visit Mission Control live at Carter Observatory during the expedition.

h6. Explore this site

h4. Commander's Log

The commander of the expedition will keep you posted with the latest progress in the preparation of the project.