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  • Hypothesis 1 - Automorphogenesis
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We believe that the shape of the living organisms from the Earth is influenced by the planet's gravitational environment. 
• When that is removed, some organisms may assume a "default" shape, we call that automorphogenesis.
• We may be able to observe that the Azuki bean, Vigna angularis, will show automorphogenesis when grown in the dark and in microgravity conditions for 5 to 7 days. This was suggested by preliminary experiments that used a 3D clinostat, which simulated microgravity by rotating the seed.


Here is a picture of a clinostat and the results of the experiment with Azuki beans.

The above species have been trialed in a 3 D clinostat and have shown automorphogenesis.

Plants must grow in the dark so that their stems elongate, which will make the difference between the seeds (Earth/space) more obvious.






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