Blog from May, 2012

Details: 6.00-7.30pm, Thursday 31 May, Mediterranean Food Warehouse, 337 High St, Lower Hutt.

Speakers Haritina Mogosanu and Elf Eldridge are both science communicators from the Carter Observatory and members of Kiwispace. Recently, mission commander Haritina Mogosanu organised and ran the first 'Kiwimars' expedition, where four kiwis travelled to a Mars analogue environment, maintained by NASA in the deserts of Utah. For two weeks, they simulated life on the orange desert planet that currently hangs low in our northern skies.

Elf and Hari will discuss the purpose of the mission, what life is like 'on Mars', what it achieved, and ask the audience to discuss whether they believe this mission was worthwhile and what that implies for the future of New Zealand's role in an international space programme.

Please note that the Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Lower Hutt is the new venue.