Selection criteria for MDRS 118 Crew

  • Minimum age 18 years old
  • Each applicant will submit a research proposal accompanied by an essay about the reasons he or she should be selected for this mission; a description of the content of the research proposal will be detailed in a further document.
  • Medical checks – will have to be in good health
  • Valid passport

The information provided below will only be seen by KiwiMars Crew Selection Committee members, your privacy is important to us. 

Please send your resume to:


* The ability to listen to people, ask questions, and communicate with Mission Support when you're not sure about something is an absolute must!
* The willingness to ask permission for more than minor changes to the machines or systems BEFORE you start executing the changes.
* Must have mechanical aptitude and abilities, and knowledge of diesel and gasoline generators. 
* All-Terrain-Vehicle, repair and upkeep knowledge is preferred. 
* Working knowledge of electrical systems a plus. 

Can-do mentality: Competent, Adventurous, Quick thinking, Flexible, Not afraid to learn, Not afraid to experiment, Not afraid to take risks, Can communicate, Can document, Can take orders, Can give orders

Engineer Applicant Skills Needed/Useful : Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Carpentry, General troubleshooting, Computing, Duct tape, Wiling to learn, Use of a DMM, Soldering or "Sweating" copper pipe, Soldering wires, Use of wire nuts and other electrical connectors, Basic mechanical skills, Use of flare tools and other specialty tools, Correct and safe use of saws, drills and other power tools


* Biology or similar science degrees are preferred. 
* Applicant will be responsible for collecting biological/geological samples using sterile protocol, using a penetrometer, and testing a portion of these samples in the MDRS laboratory (bacteriological plating, microscopy, e-coli kits, etc). Then packaging and sending out the remaining portion of these samples at the end of your rotation.

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