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Julian visits many of New Zealand's wild places with geoscientists studying rocks, glaciers, volcanoes and fossils


NASA’s Website For Educators

A useful website designed for primary, intermediate, and secondary school teachers with articles and resources for various levels that can be used in the classroom.

NASA’s Teaching Materials Database

Part of NASA’s Website for Educators, the Teaching Materials Database includes hundreds of publications and is the best way to locate NASA educational resources, with a search box to help you find lesson plans, classroom activities, and other resources on a variety of topics.

NASA’s Website for Students

This resource contains images, podcasts, videos, research tools, information, and astronomy contests and opportunities for students from around the world.

NASA Kids Club

NASA’s website designed for children, which offers astronomy activities and games.

National Schools’ Observatory, UK

Includes astronomy activities and workshops, and reference materials listed by topic and curriculum subject.

The National Library of New Zealand’s Space Guide

The National Library’s compilation of online resources for the curriculum topic of space and astronomy.

The National Library of New Zealand’s Matariki Guide

The National Library’s compilation of online resources on Matariki, including information on events celebrating Matariki, star charts, the months of the Maori calendar, as well as games, lesson plans and more.

Australian Astronomy Fact Sheets for Astronomical Events

Factsheets produced by the Education and Public Outreach Chapter of the Astronomical Society of Australia. These information sheets cover a number of topics of interest to the general public, such solar and lunar eclipses, comets and general astronomy information.

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand

This website provides information on upcoming astronomical events, star charts, constellations, and events.

Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand Wiki for Teachers and Students

An online hub for curriculum based information relevant to New Zealand schools which provides astronomy related information, resources and activities for teachers and students. Through the wiki, you can connect to real astronomers to assist your studies in astronomy.

Astronomy New Zealand

The website of the Phoenix Astronomical Society (located in the lower North Island of New Zealand) which includes information about the southern night sky, astronomy news, Stonehenge-Aotearoa, and Maori astronomy, including the Maori names for the stars.

Scale of the Universe

A great comparison of all things in the Universe from micro to macro, from the presumptive string to the furthest reaches of human telescopes.


The Jodcast

A bi-monthly podcast about astronomy including the latest news, what you can see in the night sky, interviews with astronomers and more. The jodcast also includes a monthly segment on the Southern night sky by Carter Observatory’s Education Officer, John Field.

365 Days of Astronomy

A daily 5 to 10 minute podcast started for the International Year of Astronomy in 2009 and continued forward. The podcast episodes are written, recorded and produced by people around the world, including K-12 school groups.

Astronomy.com Podcast

A weekly podcast which covers the latest space news, goes deeper into magazine stories, and previews upcoming sky events.

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