Jonathan Clarke

Living in: Canberra Australia

Mission Director Australia


Dr. Jonathan Clarke



Professional qualification/s

BSc(Hons) – University of Tasmania

PhD (Flinders University)

Passionate about Mars because:

There are many reasons to be passionate of about mars.  It is an extraordinary planet, one familiar and alien. Understanding Mars will help understand out own world, and the solar system beyond.  Mars is the great frontier of human endeavour and imagination in the 21st, a frontier that will call out the best of humanity.  Beyond that, as expressed by s Arthur C Clarke, Mars is the proving ground where we will discover whether humanity can become a multi-planet species.

Any other relevant detail/s:

  • Geologist with ~35years experience in industry, university, and government
  • Science lead for Expedition 1 to MDRS in 2003.
  • Coordinator for Expedition 2 to Arkaroola in 2004.
  • Coordinator for Spaceward bound Australia in 2008 
  • On Mars Society Australia board of Directors since 2003
  • Member of MDRS remote science team since 2005
  • Vice president MSA since 2006
  • Commander MDRS crew 92 in 2010
  • Executive office MDRS crew 104 in 2011
  • Participant in Spaceward Bound Pilbara in 2011
  • President MSA since 2012
  • Member of the International Steering Committee of the Mars Society
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