HealthSafety Report :Emma Braegen
Notes: 1/29/2013

Crew are in fairly good health with only minor issues. I got sunburnt a bit since we were outside so much with the film crew. I did wear sunscreen during the day but think I must have forgot to reapply when I was outside later in the afternoon. It can be easy to get caught out with sunburn here since it can get very cold and cloudy as well as dry.
The crew are having some minor issues with getting used to the change in diet. We are eating a lot less meat and vegetables so some people are feeling the effects.
There are some problems with getting a good nights sleep. We’re trying to find the best heating set up since it can get cold at night but if the heating is up to high it can get quite hot and stuffy upstairs. We also need to make sure the heat is on since we want to avoid pipes freezing.

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