GreenHab Report: 02/07/2013
Melanie Newfield

There is some algae growing in the hydroponic watercress. This may be because when I fed the strawberries, water dripped through into the watercress water. However algae is very common in hydroponic units and I don’t think it is a serious problem. The watercress has some new growth and is looking better than it was a few days ago.
GreenHab, watercress

I’ve done more repotting in the greenhab, as well as topping up the watercress and watering everything that needed it.
I’m seeing good germination in the most recently planted seedlings. I’ve also got some germination in the seeds I planted in the planting mix, the ones that were starting to get moldy. Once I moved them off the heat, the mold slowly declined and some of the seeds, in particular nasturtium and bunching onion, are germinating successfully. I will try to get these repotted before I leave if I have time.

The sprouts were much appreciated in last night’s dinner and we expect to enjoy them tonight as well.
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