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GreenHab Report: 02/04/2013
Melanie Newfield

I topped up the water in the watercress (actually I've been doing this every couple of days). Note for Jean, yes, they are still doing ok, but not growing well enough to harvest. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow.

I fed most of the plants (details below) and compiled some guidelines for which food to use for what purpose which I will email through as a document.

I fed the seedlings at a rate of ? tsp of Miracle-gro soluble food in a 1 litre bottle and then diluted this mix with 3 parts water.

Strawberries were fed Miracle-gro soluble at a rate of 1/4 tsp per litre.

Brassicas and chard were fed Miracle-gro liquid food at ? tsp food in a 1 litre bottle.


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