GreenHouse Report: 01/27/2013
Written by: Melanie Newfield, Mission Specialist Biological Sciences, TasMars 2013

Limited activity in the green hab today. Yesterday I noticed that the seedlings in trays were overheating and showing signs of mould, so decided to give them some time during the day with the lids off. I too the lids off around 3, and also misted a little water onto the tray with jiffy pots, as it was dry. I came back after an hour to check and the tray was quite dry with some of the seedlings (possibly broccoli but possibly weeds) a little wilted. I watered them again and re-covered the seedlings.

I watered the plants, using nearly a full watering can of water. I watered everything (to a greater or lesser extent) except for 5 the seedling trays without jiffy pots, as I realise that they have no drainage. Most are showing signs of mould and they really will need repotting if they are to survive.

We harvested two strawberries and shared them among the 5 crew members.

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