Futureintech is an initiative of IPENZ, funded by Government and supported by industry partners.  Our aim is to promote careers in science, engineering and technology. We do this by bringing young people into the classroom to talk about what inspired them to follow their career path and the subjects you need to have these careers.

 As the Futureintech Facilitator for the Wellington area, I was really pleased to be able to work with such a willing and enthusiastic representative of KiwiSpace in 2011, Haritina Mogosanu. She was happy to talk to as many students as I could arrange and the teachers were thrilled with the quality of the presentations made to their students. This made our combined efforts in outreach for schools very successful. We could link to school curriculum requirements as well as student interest. Two highlights last year, were the live webinar with Cosmonaut Dmitri Kondratyev and an invitation to the official opening of the observatory at Hutt International Boys’ School.

I look forward to the Kiwi Mission to Mars, being able to continue this relationship with Haritina and KiwiSpace and inspiring more students in science. My hope is that, one day there will be more people like her, able to visit schools in other parts of New Zealand.

Susan Weekes
Futureintech Facilitator - Wellington

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