Engineering Report: 02/07/2013
Emma Braegen

 Was Power Interrupted:

Time Of Power Outage:

Length Of Power Outage:

Diesel Fuel Level:
Propane Fuel Level:
Gasoline Fuel Level:
Fuel Notes And Comments:

Atv Oil Quarts:
Car Oil Quarts:
Oil Notes And Comments:

Trailer Water Fill Needed:
Trailer Water Refilled:
Potable Water Meter Reading:
Water Notes And Comments:

Greenhouse Notes And Comments:

Telescope Used:
Observatory Notes And Comments:

H A Lp Bugs:

Network Failed:
Network Throttled:
Network Signal Strength:

Network Download Allowance:
Network Notes And Comments:
Our download limit was exceeded again early today with no obvious cause since not significant downloads or uploads were done this morning that we know of
Hvac Air Conditioner Used:
Hvac Furnace Used:
Hvac Lab Wall Heater Used:
Hvac Notes And Comments:

Hab Car Used:
Hab Car Oil Checked:
Hab Car Tire Status:

Hab Car Odometer:

Hab Car Notes And Comments:

Atv One Used:
Atv One Oil Checked:
Atv One Fuel Used Gals:

Atv One Tires Status:

Atv One Hours Used Day:

Atv One Hours Used Year:

Atv One Notes And Comments:

Atv Two Used:
Atv Two Oil Checked:
Atv Two Fuel Used Gals:

Atv Two Tires Status:

Atv Two Hours Used Day:

Atv Two Hours Used Year:

Atv Two Notes And Comments:

Atv Three Used:
Atv Three Oil Checked:
Atv Three Fuel Used Gals:

Atv Three Tires Status:

Atv Three Hours Used Day:

Atv Three Hours Used Year:

Atv Three Notes And Comments:

Atv Four Used:
Atv Four Oil Checked:
Atv Four Fuel Used Gals:

Atv Four Tires Status:

Atv Four Hours Used Day:

Atv Four Hours Used Year:

Atv Four Notes And Comments:

Atv Five Used:
Atv Five Oil Checked:
Atv Five Fuel Used Gals:

Atv Five Tires Status:

Atv Five Hours Used Day:

Atv Five Hours Used Year:

Atv Five Notes And Comments:


 Today I worked on writing up some of my test results for the dust study and had a look at some of the broken space suits. To fix the broken air tube on suit 2 I decided as a temporary measure to swap it with one of the tubes in good condition from suit 5 since this was one of non working suits. This is what is colloquially referred to in the maintenance world as ‘cannibalising’. I might look at putting together a new tube tomorrow since there were a couple of spare tubes pieces around. 
I also opened up the back pack on suit number 4 and found that it was not working because a wire had become disconnected from the switch. I managed to solder it back in place and the suit is functioning well now. I took a look inside suit 5’s pack but couldn’t find any obvious connection problems. I used a voltmeter across the battery and it shows about a 12V voltage drop which indicates that it has a charge. I found that when the charger is plugged into the charger connection in the pack though that it doesn’t light up to show it is charging or fully charged. I suspect there is some connection problem near the charger area but it’s not obvious yet what is going on. I will look at it more tomorrow.
I also helped David out while he worked on assembling the quad copter. This mainly involved watching to see what I could learn and holding a torch but I also helped with the idea of using a petri dish as a case for the main circuit board. You can often come up with some interesting improvisations with the equipment and tools available here.

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