Crew123Day01CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 28 January 2013
Written by: David Willson, Crew 123, Commander

Crew Physical Status:


Sandstone at sunset, Red Mars
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Time Departed/Returned from EVA:

Mars Astronauts. Spacecraft entry trails in the sky
Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:

Dust experiments, "Soil moisture sampling" & "Putting on dust suits"
EVA Data/Interpretations:

Mudstone drilling, analog to Gale Crater drilling target rock


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:

We plan an EVA at 2 pm for 2 hours around the Hab undertaking another dust suit experiment. Pedestrian EVA in vicinity of HAB.

Support Requested:


Mars News - from Google Alerts

The Statistical Treatment Implemented to Obtain the Planetary ProtectionBioburdens for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission

RA Beaudet - Advances in Space Research, 2013
Abstract NASA Planetary Protection Policy requires that Category IV missions such as those 
going to the surface of Mars include detailed assessment and documentation of the 
bioburden on the spacecraft at launch. In the prior missions to Mars, the approaches used ...


Curiosity rover hammers into first Mars rock in crucial test
"We tapped this rock on Mars with our drill. Keep it classy everyone," Curiosity flight director Bobak Ferdowsi — who gained fame as "Mohawk Guy" during the rover's nail-biting landing on the night of Aug. 5, 2012 — wrote in a Twitter post Sunday ...
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Scientists offer wary support for new NASA Mars rover
Scientists cheered NASA's decision to send a new rover to Mars in 2020, but stressed that the mission should pave the way to return Martian rocks to Earth — a major goal of the planetary science community. In a set of statements released Jan. 28 and Jan.
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Curiosity Hammers into Mars Rock in Historic Feat
Universe Today
Image caption: Before and after comparison of Curiosity's 1st ever drill test into Martian rock. Drill bit penetrated several mm and vibrations apparently unveiled hidden, whitish mineral by dislodging thin dust layer at John Klein outcrop in Sol 176 ...
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Weekend Test on Mars Was Preparation to Drill a Rock
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Preparatory Test for First Rock Drilling by Mars Rover Curiosity The bit in the rotary-percussion drill of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity left its mark in a target patch of rock called "John Klein" during a test on the rover's 176th Martian day, or sol ...
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Fast-dissolving water squeezed life out of Mars
Times of India
LONDON: Water dissolved into the surface of Mars too fast to sustain a life-supporting biosphere . First evidence announced on Monday by scientists from the University of Glasgow has shown that water once dissolved the surface of Mars. This was ...
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