Crew123Day05CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 30 January 2013, WED
Written by: David Willson, Crew 123, Commander

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Time Departed/Returned from EVA:
Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:
  •  Testing of Raman and Ocean Optics spectrometers for projects. 
  •  Visit Goblin Valley 
 Activity work 
  •  Maintaining and improving Green Hab food production. 
  •  Inventory of Hab mechanical and electrical equipment. 

 EVA Data/Interpretations:


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:

Planning 4 hr out of sim EVA approx 2 miles the south of the Hab by vehicle with the Raman spectrometer, Investigating rock coatings applicable to MSL and collecting samples for Curiosity test bed anaylises and organic extraction trials.

Support Requested:


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