Crew123Day03CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 28 January 2013, MON
Written by: David Willson, Crew 123, Commander

Crew Physical Status: 


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Time Departed/Returned from EVA:

Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results: 

  • Preparation for Seven Network Australia 
  • Testing rover for Seven Network Australia filming 
 Activity work 
  • Bread making on Mars. 
  • Maintaining and improving Green Hab food production. 
EVA Data/Interpretations: 


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:
Support Requested:


Dr. Michael Gallagher, your flight surgeon, requests a contact. Kindly call or email him. Does your HSO have the instructions for the test of the emergency medical system? If not, please request them ASAP.  

Crew 123 

Dr Michael was contacted and a successful test for the remote medical support has been performed. The crew have all been informed to have a draft email ready to go to Dr Michael if support is required.

Mars News - from Google Alerts

Opportunity Rover Starts Year 10 on Mars with Remarkable Science Discoveries
Universe Today
Image caption: Opportunity Celebrates 9 Years and 3200 Sols on Mars snapping this panoramic view from her current location on 'Matijevic Hill' at Endeavour Crater. The rover discovered phyllosilicate clay minerals and calcium sulfate veins at the ...
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Mars' Winter Wonderland (PHOTOS)
The Weather Channel
Fall and winter temperatures bring changes to Mars as the carbon dioxide atmosphere turns to dry ice frost that clings to the surface. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used its powerful cameras to capture detailed pictures and measurements of wintry ...
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Curiosity rover searches for drilling sites on Mars
U-T San Diego
This image from the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on NASA's Mars rover Curiosity shows the patch of rock cleaned by the first use of the rover's Dust Removal Tool (DRT). The tool is a motorized, wire-bristle brush on the turret at the end of ...
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UA's HiRISE camera finds Mars' ice cap fluctuations
Arizona Daily Star
Our new understanding of the ever-changing topography of Mars came into full focus in the last week with the release of three scientific papers and dozens of images by the University of Arizona's HiRISE camera team. The images, taken over three Martian ...
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NASA SMD Uses a Bullhorn to Say 'No Thanks' To 2020 Mars Rover Science ...
Space Ref (press release)
NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) sent this "thanks but no thanks" email to everyone who offered their services to the 2020 Mars Rover Science Definition Team - but were turned down. T SMD made sure to let everyone on the list see everyone else...
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Mars Rover Curiosity – Night Photos and Drilling Plans
Mars Rover Curiosity snapped the first night photos ever taken on Mars. While some of the science team planned for the Rover's first use of its sampling drill, others photographed a variety of Martianrocks, including a day/night view. Curiosity will ...
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Mars rover Opportunity now in 10th year - Technology & science ...
The older, smaller cousin of NASA's huge Mars rover Curiosity is quietly celebrating a big milestone today — nine years on the surface of the Red Planet.


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