Date Time: 20:00 02/07/2013
Written By: David Willson, Crew Commander of MDRS123

Today’s temperature ranged from above 32 °F reaching 45 °F with blue skies. The ground is becoming drier for dust experiments.

In the late morning David, Rosalba and Stefanie undertook an out-of-sim survey, 100 meters North of the Hab to find sites for Stefanie’s image mapping tests. We also tested the simulated Curiosity drill, getting samples, from a sand rock (location UTM 12S 516702mE 4251071mN) and possibly a metamorphic carbonate-rich rock (location UTM 12S 518225mE 4250991mN). The first rock is similar to the one recently drilled by the Curiosity rover. The drill unit could only penetrate 2 cm into the rock.

Rosalba testing for carbonate in rock using acid assay

Emma repaired space suit backpack No 4. This was not operational when we arrived. A wire had become disconnected. It now pumps air.

Emma fixing suit

In the afternoon Emma and Melanie undertook a short 5 minute Skype outreach with New Zealand primary school, Mission Heights in Auckland, followed by 1 hour of questions and answers via chatroll. As per previous out reach events the MSL out reach materials provided by JPL were extensively used.

Meanwhile Seven Network Australia emailed the crew saying the previous week filming will be aired on Australian TV, Sunday 10th Feb on the morning “Sunrise” show and in the evening news.

Stefanie completed the first set of images at location UTM 12S 518225mE 4250991mN. 

Finally David assembled the Quadcopter ready for a Friday flight test.


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