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Writing an essay need not be a scary task! There are many fabulous resources online to help you with this:

Some great advice specifically for students: To Write an Essay: By Joss Hevel

More great pointers: How to Write an Effective Essay

Some extra pointers for dyslexic students: Essay Writing Tips for Dyslexic Students

Also, some advice from NZSF:
  • It really doesn't matter which topic you pick (in the international competition there is one winner for each of the three targets), so long as you support your selection with a well build argument.
  • Use facts of what is already known and what is still unknown about the target, speculate on compelling scientific discoveries that could be made by the next series of upcoming observations.
  • Alternatively, using more accurate observations, perhaps discuss what revelations about the target might be identified.
  • Hypothesize on the value of each discovery, especially if it can be used to define future missions or if it can be applied so we can learn more about similar targets on different moons, planets, or even solar systems.
  • Try to become as familar as possible with the instruments aboard Cassini and their capabilities and limitations.
  • Try to become as familiar as possible with all past observations, theories and mysteries of the target.
  • Finally, don't be scared to 'think outside of the square', be creative!
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