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Crew123Day12CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 06 February 2013
Written by: Haritina Mogosanu, Crew 123, Mission Director

Crew Physical Status:


Antipodes, scouting for a location
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Time Departed/Returned from EVA:

Commander Willson flew Jen Blank to orbit to the Earth Return Vehicle. There he picked up Rosalba Bonaccorsi and Stefanie Toth who were waiting at the Mars Orbital Station where they arrived not long before he got there. They will sign the various forms necessary for the space paperwork tomorrow morning and upload their projects.

Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:

Melanie Newfield and Emma Braegen performed another EVA to collect dust samples and a dress rehearsal for the Antipodes experiment on the 8 February.

Picking up samples 
Antipodes, during dress rehearsal in preparation for 8 February
EVA Data/Interpretations:


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:
Support Requested:


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