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NZ Rocketry Challenge

Become a rocket scientist! Master the laws of physics as you build a launch vehicle for our trusty 'Eggnauts', and compete against other teams to launch them to a specific 'orbit' and recover them safely.

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International Space Apps Challenge

Help change the world, by joining this 48-hour 'hackathon' - to help solve space challenges. No space expertise necessary.

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World Space Week 2012 (4-10 October)

A festival celebrating what Space means to us here on planet Earth. 


KiwiSpace are the NZ coordinators for World Space Week - and our goal is to get as many NZ space organisations having events or undertaking outreach during this week.

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KiwiMars 2012

Early 2012: A crew of six

Kiwis and Australians travelled to the Mars Desert Research Station

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in Utah, USA – for a two-week mission of science and exploration.

Learn about their fascinating mission - why they went and what they learned.

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Online webinars, guest speakers and other opportunities to interact with real astronauts.

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Space Balloon

Low-cost ways to get your experiment to the edge of space.

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Hubble 3D

Provide your students or audiences with an outstanding documentary, highlighting the amazing images that the Hubble Space Telescope captures - as well as the fantastic story behind the launch, repair and servicing of this iconic spacecraft. Hire this movie now, from KiwiSpace.

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Guest Speakers

Have someone from KiwiSpace give a talk at your school or function, on a range of exciting and educational topics.

We have speakers in the Wellington and Auckland areas, and can travel to other areas by arrangement.

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What If? Competition 2012

If you were on the International Space Station when a disaster struck on Earth, how could you help?

That's the question we posted to NZ schools – how could space .Image Removedtechnology and platforms be used in emergency situations.

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Cassini Scientist for a Day 2011

Students were invited to think like a scientist and help select the best target for the Cassini spacecraft, as it investigated the Saturn system.

2012 edition now being planned – get in touch if you're interested in participating.

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Proposed: Spaceward Bound



We're currently discussions with NASA about holding a Spaceward Bound expedition in New Zealand.

See the NASA site for more information.





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