We recently changed our name to KiwiSpace Foundation, and are in need of a logo. The interim one you see at the top of the page was just a placeholder.

We know there are heaps of creative people out there, who are passionate about space – and would love to hear and see your ideas for what our logo can be.

It doesn't need to be perfect - a basic sketch is fine. The logo ideas will be reviewed by committee, and then sent to a graphic designer to craft the final design.

Email us your logo ideas by Monday 21 March

Submitting your logos

Simple email the logo – scan it, or simply take a picture of a napkin with your camera phone – to:


Logo Tips & Guidelines

Please consider the following points when coming up with logo ideas. You don't have to fit all of the criteria, but the more suitable the logo is for multiple situations the better.

If you've got any questions, please drop us an email and i'll do my best to answer them.