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Crew123Day01CommanderCheck-In Report

Date and time: 26 January 2013, SAT
Written by: Shannon Rupert, Mission Support, MDRS Mission Director & Director of Science

Crew Physical Status:


Report Transmission Schedule

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Mission Support

Commander Report

Engineering report

HSO Report

Journalist report

Mission Dashboard

Science Dashboard 

Pictures for day 01

TasMars Gallery

Time Departed/Returned from EVA:

First day - Arrival at MDRS

Brief Narrative of Field Mission Results:

Melanie and Emma arrive by MS Van from Grand Junction early pm, 
David and Jen arrive in hire car from Salt Lake City late pm. 

EVA Data/Interpretations:


Engineering/Hab Maintenance:
Plans for Tomorrow:

Support Requested:


Message from Mission Support

"Hello, everyone!  Here is a first, we are doing Mission Support from MDRS!

A quick update: Crew 122 has departed Mars.Emma and Melanie, two members of Crew 123, are at the Hab. Mission Support MDRS are also here.

We are awaiting the arrival of David and Jen. We are expecting them at any time.Consider this the Check-in.  Engineering Report will arrive within COMMS window.

David and Jen have arrived safe and sound. ACK the Engineering Report.We have found a number of problems with Hab systems. But more on that later... For now, Mission Support is offline."

Mars News - from Google Alerts

Mars One / Bryan Versteeg
Lansdorp: A human mission to Mars is one of the most ambitious projects that one could imagine. Three major challenges. In the short term: financing the funding gap between expenditures on the hardware and revenues from the the media event.
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Mars Rover: 9 Years and Still Going
ABC News
It was never supposed to last this long. When the Mars rover Opportunity settled on the Martian surface nine years ago today, mission managers at NASA said they would be pleased if it lasted for 90 days. Instead, it's been 3,201 days, and still counting.
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Mars Curiosity Rover Beams Back First Nighttime, Ultraviolet Photos
NPR (blog)
The Mars Curiosity Rover has beamed back its first nighttime pictures. It sent one taken while using its white LED lights and another using its ultraviolet LED lights. It's a milestone and the pictures are pretty cool. But they don't tell us much of ...
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Curiosity rover's first photos of Mars at night
CBS News
Curiosity snapped the Mars night photos in visible and ultraviolet light on Wednesday (Jan. 22) to take an up-close look at a rock called "Sayunei," which the rover had scuffed with a wheel to scratch off surface dust, NASA announced Thursday. One goal...
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On Mars, Dry Ice 'Smoke' Carves Up Sand Dunes
The seasonal thawing of carbon dioxide ice near Mars' north pole carves grooves in the region's sand dunes, three new studies reveal. The discovery, made using observations from NASA's MarsReconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft (MRO), reinforces that the ...
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'Waking Mars' Review - Part One: The Constant Space Gardener (PC)
Few games eschew combat for seed-planting. Waking Mars is the exception to the rule. This 2D puzzle-platformer is a wonderful spelunking space-adventure through the caverns of Mars in the year 2097. Rather than fight googly-eyed martians, however, you ...
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Nuclear-Powered Rocket Could Reach Mars for Less
A new online petition seeks to send people into space sooner, using a Kennedy-era technology that never had the chance to take flight. At We the People, a website that lets users submit petitions to the Obama Administration, one petition urges ...
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Wall Street is from Mars, Silicon Valley is from Venus
Wall Street is from Mars, Silicon Valley is from Venus. Here's how I see it: all markets, big or small, are predictably irrational, because they are simply collections of irrational human beings. None of us is innocent or immune. Remember that before ...
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Opportunity rover begins tenth year on Mars
By David Szondy
NASA's Opportunity rover begins its tenth year on Mars this week.
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How NASA's 9-Year-Old Mars Opportunity Rover - TPM Idea Lab
By Carl Franzen
As NASA's Opportunity rover, which landed on the Red Planet on January 24, 2004, prepares to begin its ninth year of continuous operations, NASA scientists tell TPM how the robotic craft was able to last so long, outliving its twin, Spirit.
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